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a has-been boxer & a gourmet 17-stone detective

"Fat City* US 1972 96m Eastmancolor
Columbia / Rastar (Ray Stark)

In a small Californian town, a has-been boxer tries to get back to the top, but loses his self respect and becomes a hobo.
Vivid but over-casual exploration of failure, with more interest in the characters than the sport.

w Leonard Gardner, from his novel d John Huston ph Conrad Hall md Marvin Hamlisch pd Richard Sylbert

Stacy Keach, Jeff Bridges, Susan Tyrell
AAN: Susan Tyrell

The Fat Man US 1950 77m bw
U-I (Aubrey Schenck)

The murder of a dentist leads to the circus. Dense murder mystery featuring a gourmet 17-stone detective; understandably, no series resulted.

Harry Essex, Leonard Lee d William Castle ph Irving Glassberg m Bernard Green

J. Scott Smart, Rock Hudson, Julie London, Clinton Sundberg, Jerome Cowan, Jayne Meadows"

Leslie Halliwell: Halliwell's Film Guide
Granada Publishing, London - 1983

pag. 465

catalogazione: libreria in ingresso

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