venerdì 29 agosto 2008

children of quality

"These Talapoins live in common, and their Houʃes are ʃo many Seminaries, where the Children of quality are bred.

So long as Children continue there, they wear the habit of
Talapoins, which conʃists in two pieces of a kind of Yellow Cotton Cloth, whereof the one ʃerves to cover them from the Girdle down to the Knees, and the other, they uʃe ʃometimes as a Scarf, putting it about their Shoulders like a Shoulder-Belt; and ʃometimes they wrap it about them like a little Cloak. They have their Heads and Eye-brows ʃhaved as well as their Maʃters, who are perʃwaded that it would be immodeʃt and ʃinful to let them grow: Their Blindneʃs made us heartily pity them."

Guy Tachard: Voyage to Siam
A Relation of the Voyage to Siam Performed by six Jesuits sent by the French King, to the Indies and China in the year 1685

White Orchid Press, Bangkok - 1981

pag. 145

catalogazione: libreria di fronte al divano

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