venerdì 18 settembre 2009

sky burial: a final act of generosity

"Although lamas and monks would be cremated, the most common way to dispose of the dead in Tibet was to take the corpse to a specially designated area outside the town or village, often at the top of a mountain, chop it into pieces and wait for the vultures and other birds of prey to come and eat it. The final religious rites would be performed by monks and relatives before taking the body away. According to Mahayana Buddhist beliefs, consciousness leaves the body about three days after clinical death. From this moment on the corpse is considered as truly lifeless, its purpose fulfilled. The manner of disposal is considered as a final act of generosity, enabling other animals to be nourished by one's remains."

Stephen Batchelor: The Tibet guide
Wisdom Publications, London - 1987
pagg. 64-65

catalogazione: libreria di fronte al divano
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