sabato 26 settembre 2009

msmith, a member of the staff group...

"We mentioned at the beginning of this chapter that we would also show some shortcuts for adding users. We'll do that here, but before we do, we need to be aware that using these methods can be unsafe. The reason for this is that using them removes the safety checks built into programs such as useradd. For example, these programs maintain a backup copy of the major files and also perform some error checking, such as making sure the user doesn't already exist and that a unique UID is used.

However, for performing quick changes and things such as root password recovery, the manual method is ideal, and sometimes a necessity.

Let's run through the steps here by creating one of our 'standard' users, msmith, a member of the staff group. We'll begin by checking the group file to ensure the staff group is there (it should be as it's a default group)."

David Rhodes, Dominic Butler: Solaris Operating Environment Boot Camp
Sun Microsystems Press, Mountain View, CA - 2003
pag. 55

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