domenica 10 maggio 2009

punire madre e figlio

"Generally young people who had to be disciplined for failing to fetch firewood, or failing to milk the animals or work in the gardens were singled out by the elders. But they were not reprimanded directly; the elders would report the child to his mother and she would have to call him to order. If the mother resisted the disciplining of her child she could be driven out of the village, and kept out for some time, even for months. I can remember this happening in our family. I had neglected our animals one day but notwithstanding that my mother gave me food that evening. My mother was considered far too protective towards a boy who had done no work and we had both to spend three days out of the village, my brothers were left alone and our gardens untended. This was an admonition that could not be taken lightly. In our custom this is not really a harshness directed against the women, but an insistence that women are the custodians of the children, and their educators: if the children misbehaved it was their mother who had to be shown the error of her ways."

Oginga Odinga: Not yet Uhuru
East African Educational Publishers, Nairobi - 1995
pag. 11

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