lunedì 9 marzo 2009

Mae Haad: a handful of general stores

"If you can, plan to spend a few days in Koh Tao, as it's not really worth coming all this way for less. Most tourists opt to spend a while relaxing and getting the feel of the place.

Transportation around the island comes in three, very different forms: you can seat on the back of an open pickup truck, ride on the back of a motorbike or, between the beach resorts, take a Longtail boat.

The island's only town, Mae Haad, is on the southern section of the west coast and amenities here are basic: a handful of general stores (selling only the barest essentials), a post office, and a small vegetable market."

Paul Lees: The dive sites of Thailand
Asia Books Co. Ltd, Bangkok - 1995
pag. 113

catalogazione: libreria di fronte al divano
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