lunedì 23 febbraio 2009

equilibrio & orientamento

"Important psychophysiologic mechanisms are involved in the maintenance of equilibrium and the orientation of our bodies to the external world. Early in life we come to coordinate parts of our bodies in relation to one another and to perceive that portion of space occupied by our bodies. We construct from these integrated sensory data a general concept that has been designated by Russell Brain as the body schema. The space around our body is represented by another set of data, the environmental schema. These two schemata are neither static nor independent; they are constantly being modified and adapted to one another; their interdependence is ascribed to the fact that the various sense organs which supply the information on which the two schemata are based are usually activated simultaneously by any body movement."

Raymond D. Adams & Maurice Victor: Principles of Neurology
McGraw-Hill Intl. editions, Columbus, OH - 1989
pag. 238

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