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The Circle

"We sit in a circle. This has great significance for in a circle, all points are equal.

The circle is the form of nature. In nature, all things move in cycles. There are the seasons, day and night, life and death. Light moves into darkness, returning to light.

The American Indian spoke of the Great Hoop, in which all people were protected. When the hoop was broken, people no longer lived within the cyclical nature of who they were, and they lost their "knowingness," their contact with the flow. The Indian nations were scattered and nearly destroyed.

Energy seems to move in circles: the orbiting of the planets, the cycling of the electrons around the nucleus of the atom. When we come into the circle, when we try to think "circle", or think "flow," we make it linear with a beginning and an end, we distort it.
Each moment is a perfect circle. When we penetrate into the totality of the moment, we see that no point on that circle has any better vantage for seeing the rest of the circle than any other point. We see that each moment is the perfect outcome of all that has come before, the perfect predecessor of all that will follow.

Our sitting becomes like entering a perfect circle in which there is room for everything. We never become lost because there's nowhere to go. We are constantly arriving home in the present moment.

Surrender is perfect participation in the circle. Letting go allows us to flow, to become the whole circle. To hold to any point in the circle is to lose our original nature because there is no place we begin and nowhere we end."

Stephen Levine: A Gradual Awakening
Century Hutchinson Ltd., Londra - 1980

pagg. 159-160

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