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genitori con intelligenza emotiva

"There are hundreds of studies showing that how parents treat their children—whether with harsh discipline or empathic understanding, with indifference or warmth, and so on—has deep and lasting consequences for the child's emotional life. Only recently, though, have there been hard data showing that having emotionally intelligent parents is itself of enormous benefit to a child. The ways a couple handles the feelings between them—in addition to their direct dealings with a child—impart powerful lessons to their children, who are astute learners, attuned to the subtlest emotional exchanges in the family. When research teams led by Carole Hooven and John Gottman at the University of Washington did a microanalysis of interactions in couples on how the partners handled their children, they found that couples who were more emotionally competent in the marriage were also the most effective in helping their children with their emotional ups and downs."

Daniel Goleman: Emotional intelligence
Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, New York - 1996

pag. 216

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