domenica 15 novembre 2009

if it ain't complicated up enough, it ain't right

"In almost sll of Faulkner's stories, time is treated in a special way. He uses the 'continuous present' style of writing, which was invented by Gertrude Stein (perhaps Faulkner learned this from Sherwood Anderson, who was greatly influenced by Stein). Past, present and future events are mixed: 'Yesterday and tomorrow are Is: Indivisible:One.' Everything--including events from a century before--seems to happen at the same time. Everything is part of the 'now' of the novel. Because of these techniques it is usually hard work to read a Faulkner novel. But the rewards are worth the effort. As Ratcliff, a character in The Hamlet, says: '... if it ain't complicated up enough, it ain't right'."

Peter B. High: An Outline of American Literature
Longman Group Ltd., Essex (UK) - 1986
pag. 154

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