mercoledì 7 ottobre 2009

pane, amore e fantasia

"Parental love exists regardless of social class. Strong attachment between parent and child develops through the parents’ everyday caregiving to the child from infancy through childhood. Whatever the parents’ verbal and behavioral patterns may be, that attachment is crucially important to mental health, according to studies of the mental–emotional impact of family relationships on children and adults (Ainsworth, 1963, 1973; Bowlby, 1951; Sroufe & Sampson, 2000). But as Bernstein, Hess, Shipman, and others cited in the preceding section have shown, parents’ use of expanded language and a person-to-person approach is more productive for their young child’s intellectual and perhaps social–emotional development than restricted language and an authoritarian attitude.

When parents make conscious attempts to add intellectual stimulation to their relationships with their young children, the children consistently show cognitive benefits. Irwin reported years ago that mothers’ reading stories to their young children resulted in toddlers’ improved speech development (Irwin, 1960)."

Phyllis & Susan Levenstein: Messages From Home
Temple University Press, Philadelphia - 2008
pag. 80

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