mercoledì 23 giugno 2010

the porous world

"One can choose to live in a place as a sort of visitor, or try to become an inhabitant. My family and I decided from early on to try to be here, in the midelevation forests of the Sierra Nevada, as fully as we could. This brave attempt was backed by lack of resources and a lot of dumb bravado. We figured that simplicity would of itself be beautiful, and we had our own extravagant notion of ecological morality. But necessity was the teacher that finally showed us how to live as part of the natural community.

It comes down to how one thinks abouts screens, fences, or dogs. These are often used for keeping the wild at bay. ('Keeping the wild at bay' sounds like fending off hawks and bears, but it is more often a matter of holding back carpenter ants and deer mice.) We came to live a permeable, porous life in our house set among the stands of oak and pine."

Gary Snyder: A Place in Space
Counterpoint Press, Berkley (CA) - 2008
pag. 195

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