giovedì 14 gennaio 2010

il nord magnetico e l'ago da cucito

"Carry several sewing needles with good size eyeholes so you can use sewing thread, dental floss or other thread. Needles make a small package, so pack various sizes. Protect yourself from the points by placing duct tape over the points (which also keeps them from rolling around) or by placing them in a miniature tube or needle holder.

You can magnetize the eye end of your needles before you pack them so they can be used as compass needles. Place a magnetized needle on a leaf and float it in a puddle of water. The point of the needle will face magnetic north."

John D. McCann: Build the Perfect Survival Kit
Krause Publications, Iola (USA) - 2005
pag. 99

catalogazione: libreria "della montagna" del Bip
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